Nadia H.

"The absolute best service. Nicole - I can't say enough good things. Professional, friendly, accommodating and such a pleasure to work with. Our family photos are heirloom quality and something I will cherish forever! Thank you so much Nicole for helping us capture this very special moment in time and for the whole experience. I had so much fun! We felt so at home and very well taken care of. We left with so much more than just the photos. Be prepared because you now have life long clients. We love our album and prints, you outdid yourself and exceeded our expectations as usual. "

Lisa E.

"I want to thank you so very much for all the time, love and talent you put into my maternity shoot. The photos are absolutely beautiful, deeper than the human eye can see. I still can’t get over how they touched my heart, they brought me to tears. You did so amazing, from the planning, creating the different looks, to giving me direction throughout the shoot. I felt so comfortable and I had a lot of fun!! You’re such a talented artist with a creative vision. I love my album and the large canvas on my wall, so high-end, wonderful and stunning!!! Thank you again for everything with all my heart."

Shivanna R.

"Nicole's work is beyond outstanding and she's such an amazing, sweet person! I'm so in love with all our pictures, they are breathtakingly beautiful! My family and I had a wonderful experience during our session. It was so exciting and I loved my hair & makeup and all the outfits we captured. Nicole is very detail oriented and well organized. I loved working with her, I highly recommend her!!!"

Alessandra Parks

"Thank you for the beautiful photos that you took for my brand. The professionalism, attention to detail and creativity that you bring to the table is beyond compare. From our first conversation to the last photo in our session, you were genuine, thoughtful, imaginative and supportive. You guided me on everything, including my hair, outfits and makeup, and especially posing to look my absolute best (which was especially helpful for someone who isn't so comfortable in front of the camera). We talked about what I envisioned for the photos and they came out better than I could have imagined. I've gotten so many compliments on the photos, its overwhelming! Thank you again, you are truly so talented!"

Alivia C.

"The photoshoot went beyond any expectations I had, complete with remarkable teamwork, time management, flawless execution of ideas and good vibes. We shot 3 looks, each one strikingly different, which was so much fun! Nicole was very friendly and open from the start and is excellent at communicating on all levels; from conversation, texting, emailing to social media. We scheduled the photoshoot and she sent me a detailed production schedule and mood board. I had utmost confidence in the professionalism of her and her team before even entering the studio. I really valued the experience of being photographed in such a creative and inviting setting (Nicole’s studio is fabulous). The opportunity was truly a gift that I will always treasure. The final edited photos from the shoot were beautiful and I would definitely love to work with Nicole again!"

Milenka, Glam Vanity NY

"Let me start off by saying it has been such a pleasure getting to know Nicole. She’s professional and paid attention to the details I cared about the most. She took pictures of myself, the owner of Glam Vanity NY, and my team. We did all types of looks for branding and I am so grateful to have found her! Thank you for your patience, I can’t thank you enough for your flexibility with all of my numerous requests. We could not have done it without your amazing photographic skills! Thank you also for adding our logos to the photos and creating all the variations, they look AMAZING! I use them for everything!"

Kimberly K.

"I’ve done other studio shoots and this is the first time I was really happy with my photos; Nicole’s lighting looks so natural!! I’m using my images on my website, blog and social media. I highly recommend working with Nicole. She directed me throughout the photoshoot, focused on every detail and delivered high-quality, retouched images that have taken my business and brand to the next level!!"

Christina N.

"I am forever grateful to Nicole for capturing such beautiful moments at one of the most special times in our life. From prep and photo shoot to receiving the printed high-end album, it was an amazing experience I will remember forever. Nicole is an extremely talented photographer, a kind person and a true professional. She brought amazing energy to the shoot which allowed me to feel at ease and have fun! The photos came out gorgeous. She really knows what she's doing! She made me look and feel so beautiful! I am in love with my collection of maternity portraits. It is a treasure we will cherish forever!! My album is stunning. It is out for viewing in our living room. Friends and family are blown away at how amazing the photos are as well. Thank you so much Nicole for doing such an excellent job and sharing your gift with us! We couldn’t be happier!!!"

Manuela M.

"Nicole is a very professional and brilliant photographer! I'm from Germany and wanted to do a shoot during my vacation in New York. It was an amazing and lovely day! She organized all important details before the shoot and sent me photos of different looks so we could decide on the styles before our session. The "big day" started with me getting my hair & makeup done. They were very professional; I felt beautiful and loved my look. Nicole had a big collection of dream like dresses and I could choose which ones I wanted to wear. I felt like a star for the day! The quality of her work is absolutely perfect. She really made me feel at ease when I was nervous. I have amazing pictures and it was a beautiful experience for me. I am happy that I've met a warm and friendly person like Nicole de Waal. I'm sure that I will book her again the next time I visit New York!"

Vennus B.

"We did a maternity and couple photoshoot with Nicole and it was a wonderful experience overall. She was there every step of the way, from the pre-photoshoot planning to helping me find my outfits, hairstyle and makeup looks. This is particularly important for me since this was the first time I had ever done a photoshoot and I had no idea what to do or what to expect. The minute I arrived at her studio, Nicole really went all out to make me feel comfortable. Hair and makeup was beautifully done on premises by Liz Kaiser. Nicole supplied extra wardrobe pieces and jewelry for me to choose from for the photoshoot, in addition to what I had brought with me. She even had an array of snacks for me to munch on throughout the afternoon. Nicole’s studio was cozy and comfortable; I felt right at home. The photoshoot itself was a lot of fun! There was music blasting, me dancing and laughing throughout the shoot. When my husband arrived for the couple portion of the day, we were in full swing and he had to catch up to the energy that was already generated! Nicole made sure that we felt comfortable and natural in front of the camera. The final product is fantastic, the photos are beautiful!!! Pregnancy, in general, can be a difficult adjustment physically and mentally. Thankfully, Nicole really captured this incredible chapter of my life in a way that I could have never imagined. Just recalling the experience and looking at our portraits; I really never felt or looked more beautiful. Thank you, Nicole!!"

Liz Kaiser Hair & Makeup

"Nicole is a very talented and creative photographer. Working with her is such a joy!! She knows exactly what looks good and on camera! Having worked with her many times, she is such a calm and organized person. I highly recommend her!!"

Sofia C.

"The album is so beautiful!!! I love it and it was wrapped so cute!! Thank you so much for photographing me and my family and for everything!!! You always do everything perfect and go above and beyond for your client! "

Katy J.

"WOW. JUST WOW. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You truly are an artist. I’m so excited and thrilled we did the maternity shoot! Wonderful memories and the photos are so amazing! Thank you for making me look and feel beautiful! This was the best baby shower gift, we want you to know we are very grateful!"

Tiffany S.

"My photoshoot with Nicole was to expand my modeling portfolio. We did a beauty, glamour and boudoir look and I was very happy with the session and retouched photos. Planning the details pre-shoot was a great way to prep the styling and hair & makeup. Nicole is very warm, professional and easy to be around. She makes you feel comfortable and gives a lot of direction during the shoot. Nicole is a great photographer to work with if you're very shy or just starting out and have very little experience modeling."

Fran S.

"We are so happy! The day was wonderful for us all. Naomi loved every minute of her time with you, and the whole photoshoot experience. You’re incredible. The images are amazing! Naomi is so happy and excited about her headshots. We’re in awe at our beautiful and mature daughter and how you’ve made it materialize through your photography. The USB card with her photo on it is very cool and beautiful too! Haven’t seen one like it before. Thanks so much Nicole for everything, welcoming us into your beautiful home studio, making Naomi feel at ease, being so flexible, and feeding us too! Thank you, thank you! "

Keri V.

"Nicole is a true artist. She is sensitive toward the needs of her clients. She has a creative eye and her intuition is always precise and on point. She has great energy and working with her is a lot of fun. I would gladly recommend her services to others and I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Daniela C.

"I appreciate all your hard work, all the time you put into everything and making it so special!!! You are always so sweet!!! All the photos came out so beautiful!!! We love the album, canvas, glass box with prints and the USB with our photo on it, so gorgeous!!! Thank you for everything!!! "

Jane L.

"Your photos are absolutely STUNNING and your site is BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a talent you are! The image of me hugging my husband with my eyes closed is the best picture of the two of us EVER! And there are many great pictures of us! I am also in tears over how beautiful the pictures are of me & my daughter. You captured our LOVE! What a gift! You are true artist. Your family portfolio had me saying “awwwww” out loud so many times. I was so blown away by the before & after pictures too - truly a great site of GREAT WORK. Be a proud shutterbug, you’re awesome!"

DJ Uniko, Niko B.

"Great Service! Nicole went above and beyond for my photoshoot; she also made it very fun! I’m a DJ and wanted to have new photos to use on promotional flyers for my gigs in the night life club scene. I knew it would get my DJ business more exposure, as well as help with growing my brand. Nicole is very professional and great at what she does. She works in her home photo studio and uses professional gear. I highly recommend Nicole for any type of photoshoot that you’re looking to have done; whether it's to grow your business, build your portfolio or to capture family portraits. Nicole is the one to do it all and I look forward to my next upcoming shoot with her."

Kris S.

"Nicole is by far the best photographer I have ever come across. To start off, Nicole is very personable and friendly. She truly gets a good feel for her client and makes them feel at home right away. You can easily tell how passionate she is for her work. Not only did she cater to what I was looking for in the shoot but her expertise and creative mind helped capture other ideas, angles and lighting throughout the shoot that took the photos to another level. There were moments I forgot we were shooting, I felt as if I was working with a friend. Unlike most photographers, not once was there a rush nor a sense of urgency. We did not move on to the next set until I got the exact shot I was looking for. Nicole truly prides herself in her work and she will not settle for anything less than perfection, a title that lies in the eyes of the client, not the photographer. I am extremely glad I came across her and I am proud to say she will be my photographer for every shoot I do from here on out."

Nicolle H.

"I did a photoshoot with Nicole when I was working as a model. I felt at ease from the moment I met her. She is kind and creative and her energy is radiant and light. She is a gifted photographer and an incredible human who brings out the true beauty in others through her always compassionate lens."

Lia M.

"Nicole doesn't only have the necessary photography skills, but a great personality that compliments her work perfectly. First of all, she took her time to listen to me and made sure she understood what I was looking for, she then made that the ultimate main goal of the photo session. In addition to that, Nicole's humility, consideration and respect created a very relaxed and comfortable environment allowing me to move naturally in front of the camera. Nicole's fun spirit and deep passion for her work is so contagious that it makes the whole photo session into an amazing experience!"

Danielle G.

"WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! That is crazy AMAZING!!!!!! I can't believe that is your work... The album is really BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! The portraits are priceless & timeless... You should be SO proud of yourself for being able to capture so many special moments!"

Helena B.

"I love your photography, it's really beautiful! It was delightful to work with you. So many people have told me the photos are amazing. Great job! You really are talented!! I would love to work with you again!"

Diana B.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything, I had an amazing time! I really enjoyed working with you, you made me feel really comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire shoot... I love the pictures!!"

Justin V.

"It was my first time ever having headshots and modeling photos taken. Nicole made the experience comfortable and enjoyable from start to finish. She did a great job and really worked her magic to make the comp cards look awesome!"

Dorlis A.

"Wow these look amazing!!! I soooo love the photos and the black & white ones are my favorite. Molly really did an amazing job with the makeup!!! GO GIRLS!!! You're such a great spirit Nicole!! Not a coincidence we met. Your work is so great! Quite the business woman too! So proud!!!"

Karen B.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!! I love each and every one of them!!!!! You captured every perfect moment!!!!! You’re amazing!!!! When I looked at them I actually cried!!!!!!! I swear! You just captured such great moments and memories!!!!! They are absolutely perfect!!!! I am sooo happy with them! Everyone loved it and I gave your name to 3 of my friends already! Thank you also for giving me a gift voucher towards our next photoshoot, we will definitely use it!!! "

Susan H.

"I don’t have many good photos of my son, but the ones you have taken are among the best I’ve seen. They are absolutely stunning and so captured his soul. You have a way of capturing emotions in pictures that is real artistry. Thank you for the wonderful gifts, so generous of you. I appreciate your kindness more than words will adequately convey. I look forward to hanging the beautiful photograph of Reis in a place of prominence."

Diana B.

"Every time I look at the photos, I remember us giggling in between shots. We had such a fun time! I love seeing them because they bring me back to being super blissful with my family! Nicole truly spoiled us and gave us an A+ experience we will remember for a lifetime."

Laura L.

"I love my photos so much, and the entire process was WONDERFUL, because of you. You are so talented, and I know that someday I will see your pictures in Vogue! Thank you for your hard work, your kindness and your friendship. I decided to print two contrasting headshots so that I would have two distinct "looks" when going on my acting auditions. Let's talk SOON! Best wishes"

Maureen H.

"Nicole did a very professional job and really captured who I am in the photos she took. I am very happy with her service."

Jorge M.

"I did my new headshots with Nicole and they came out great. She took her time and paid attention to detail. If you are looking to get new acting headshots, I recommend you work with Nicole."

Carolina S.

"Thank you once again for everything, I love the photos!!! The shoot was so exciting and I loved my hair & makeup and dressing up! I love your work and I definitely want to book you for another shoot in the future! I will also spread the word about you and your business! It will be great to see you again and of course work with you again too!! Lots of love to you sweetie!! XOXO!!!"

Robin R.

"Great work all around, love the photos!! Thank you for the hard work and fast turn around!! Love u!! "

John F.

"Love my band photos and acting headshots, they're awesome, thank you!!!!!! "

Kimberly O.

"I STILL talk about your talent, beauty and the amazing light and energy you have... Thank you for being the wonderful soul that you are... You're awesome and just immediately likeable. Thank you SO much for everything! I love the photos and the video is fun to look back on! "